Hunkering Down X


unday was our seventeenth day of hunkering down from our last round of social separation1. We’ve ordered many things from Amazon and some things from other online vendors. I have a publishing relationship with Amazon and use Amazon Prime, so shipping for most things if free.2 So, we tried a new purchasing adventure — ordering groceries online for pick up. Our Fred Meyer has someone do the shopping and we drive to the store and pick it up at a designated place. Because it was not an emergency need, we selected the delayed option and pick up what we ordered on Thursday.


w went to church from our recliner and listened to one of our music leaders3 on Facebook before the sermon. My laptop has a home adjacent to the TV so the hdmi cable reaches. My laptop is older than the desktop we keep near the TV, but for whatever reason, the PC and TV don’t communicate. I usually don’t tire of trying to get things to work, but I seldom use the laptop for anything else these days.


alking has been left out of our hunkering down routine for several days, and it was supposed to clear up Sunday afternoon. It did not!4 Looks like next Thursday might be a break for us fair weather walkers.5


unkering down postscript: I’d better get to working on meeting a goal — a due date approaches.6


unkering down random: Did you ever wonder why garden pests don’t eat weeds?

  1. New PC term for social distancing? 

  2. Free is a very good price, but as many of you know, Prime isn’t free. 


  4. Science will not allow me to blame the weather forecaster. 

  5. see previous note 

  6. Like cougars in the woods, they creep up on the inattentive. 

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