Hunkering Down XI

Yesterday, like our last two Mondays was certainly different. Before this season of hunkering down, we met at Starbucks nearly every Monday for coffee and chat. Now all of our chats are by group text just old-fashioned one-on-one phone calls. Many younger people are group chatting on group aps. They have aps and understand them, but many of our generation do not. We will probably try Zoom with someone this week or next.

There was no need to go out except to mail our response to some bills. Under normal conditions, we’ve been getting and paying bills online. We turned the short trip to the post with a short ride around our part of town to just see what’s going on or not going on.

Much of my time has been on Rose-Rose-Rose and other Brushes with History: Cold War Era Stories for My Grandchildren. The text is about 95% finished, but prep for publication is only about 80%1

In the process for ‘Rose’,2 I’ve also done a little more on Grandpa was a Teenager because there are references to the time in ‘Rose.’3

Back to ‘Rose:’ Submitting a paperback manuscript to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) requires considerable formatting so appearance is the way the writer wants. When I reformat, I also do a read through and add text if the story requires it or delete whatever should be. My intention is to publish ‘Teenager’ at the same time. They can be read independently, but Before Grandpa was Thirteen – ‘Teenager’ – ‘Rose’ are in time order.

Hunkering down postscript: Several days ago, someone asked us to join them on Zoom. Yesterday I discovered the webcam I bought in “99 isn’t compatible with Windows 10. However, I got it on my iPad and tried an invite.

Hunkering down random: April showers bring May flowers.
March showers bring inside hours.

  1. If I decide to self-publish, which is the most likely route at this time. 

  2. When typing as fast as I can, I’m never sure if the comma goes inside or outside the apostrophe. 

  3. Well, the rule says it goes inside just like sentence ending punctuation – except for exceptions. 

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