Hunkering Down XIV

We were married at the Presidio of Monterey1 chapel 61 years ago today and we’ll have grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate for one meal today. That menu isn’t because we are hunkering down.

I was on Army pay and payday had been just a few days before but there was rent, etc. and I had charged most of a suit with two pair of pants. We got our rings in a hock shop that afternoon. Having little experience with marriage, etc. and some miscommunication with others, we did not know we were supposed to go out for dinner with my mother and Shirley’s dad after the ceremony.

We just took off headed toward San Luis Obispo in a borrowed car. It was already dark when we both realized hunger and started looking for a place to eat.

In those days the Pacific Coast Highway did not have tourist places as it is now. When we did find a drive in it was about to close and the grill was shut off. All we could get was two, flat, greasy, cold grilled (American) cheese sandwiches and warm Cocoa. Thus, the tradition started.

In these 61 years, we’ve only missed one or two times of not having our anniversary meal2.


ur first order online grocery pickup yesterday went very smoothly. Only two items on our list were substituted and our car was loaded as Fred Meyer3 advertising said it would be. We placed another order as soon as we were home.

Hunkering down postscript: I guess we now know the reason for having our devices.

Hunkering down random: Edgar Allen Poe was moody – or so I’ve read.

  1. California 

  2. I was away for Army duties. 

  3. Hazel Dell store in Vancouver, WA. 

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