Hunkering Down XVI


unkering down was hard to do yesterday when the weather made a turn to sunshine1. It really did start as one of those bright Saturday mornings that can erase nearly all traces of the winter doldrums. But we were still reminded when we went into our neighborhood dressed for the changed weather.

I’m sure I’d never seen any of the people we saw on our walks before. I’m thinking, but don’t quote me: many or most of the people walking on our usual route haven’t seen all the neighborhood except from a moving vehicle. Nearly every time we’ve walked the same route, we see something new, now it’s people. But we don’t walk the same route every time either. Someone who walked our usual route earlier had a sense of humor doncha think?


etween getting the old mower started and a few other sunshine projects, I started back on a ‘no hurry’ project for our pastor’s wife. She didn’t have screws for the brackets she’d chosen for the coat hanger/wall shelf. I told her, “Not to worry, if I don’t have them, I’ll just run over to the hardware and get what is needed when I get to that point in the work.” Well to make a short story long…2

The mower? I decided to mow the winter weeds and get the tops into the recycle bin. The rototiller was giving me the ‘I need to get on with my purpose’ look every time I glanced that way. Kurumba3! Even after the normal springtime adjustments, the mower would not start. That’s OK, it started to rain again. During the next ‘Sunshine’4, I’ll give it some TLC.


unkering down postscript: Bears hibernate, so what are we doing?5


unkering down random: A young man was ticketed for texting while driving. A short time later the same officer stopped him and asked him why he was texting while driving after getting a ticket. The young man replied, “I wasn’t texting. I was using an app to pay the fine.”

  1. Well, in the morning. 

  2. Unless you’ve been on a 2-month white water raft trip on the Colorado, you know what happened. 

  3. The interjection, not the people 

  4. Remember Remember the Titans movie? 

  5. This not an extra credit question. 

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