Hunkering Down XVII

Some days without sports make hunkering down hard to do for ___1 fans – unless they like re-runs2. We octogenarians grew up with sports in their3 season: football in the fall; basketball in the winter; baseball and track in the spring. Some schools and colleges had cross country in the fall. Larger schools and colleges had tennis, but it was a fair-weather sport. How dare anyone suggest using the basketball arena for such a thing as tennis. Swimming and diving could be year around if a town was large enough to have an indoor pool, or warm winters. Our small Minnesota town didn’t get an indoor pool until many years after I left.

Girls at our school had volleyball and intermural basketball. Seems like an audience at their volleyball games was grandparents, parents and an occasional boyfriend. Unlike boy sports, admission was free.

We listened to an occasional baseball game on the radio, and one of the coaches had the world series on during class time. Lakers4 games were broadcast too. But except for real fans, it was hard to just sit and listen.

Rats! I forgot hockey. I liked playing hockey, but it was called sandlot hockey5 There was no high school league at the time. My younger brothers got to play in real games. I’m not jealous, just envious6.

Then came TV and the rest of the story is _____7. I really don’t know where I was going with this or just forgot when I went to get another cup of coffee.


h! Re-runs! If I was were sneaking in a golf8 re-run yesterday, I was still able to get my church on a re-run too. It sure wasn’t that way when everything was live.

‘nuff about this!


ime to be thankful for all the progress with ‘gadgets’ since those days of the 1950s. They’ve made hunkering down not quite so hard to do. Can you imagine sending out tens or dozens of postcards or letters to let family and friends how you are coping? And, not hearing from someone for a week and wondering how they were. How difficult was it to wait for a long-distance telephone operator to make a connection when all lines were busy?


unkering down postscript: Is jogging on a treadmill just a re-run of some space?


unkering down random: If you’re spinning your wheels, you know your motor and all the parts in between it and the wheels are working.

  1. Sport name here. 

  2. Living in the past? 

  3. See prior footnote. 

  4. In those days, it was the Minneapolis Lakers. 

  5. Sandlot sounds strange for a game on ice, but it applies when there is no organization. 

  6. Ok-ok – same meaning. 

  7. Fill in your own here. 

  8. I used to play a little but lost my grip. 

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