Hunkering Down XVIII

Our hunkering down is not without walking the neighborhood when we can. Shirley 1 commented about our observations during our Sunday walk and mentioned it being somewhat like the Twilight Zone and asked, “Where is Rod Serling?”
Our son replied with this:

You walk down this street at your own risk. For this is a street in which no one touches. No handshakes. No friendly hugs. Neighbors give furtive glances and step away. The smiles they display are genuine and portend hope but are also a cloak to hide fear and uncertainty. For you have entered another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of modified distance where six feet is a solid wall, of time where the alarm clock no longer leads to a commute and a mind-numbing cubicle. You’ve just walked into a street, not of the world of last month, but of masks, gloves and perpetual disinfecting. You have walked into the Twilight zone! 2

The nice weather continued well into Sunday afternoon, so I tried the lawnmower again. Fortunately, we have lawn service, so it’s rarely used – in fact not since this time last year. My weed eater still worked, so my rototiller is happy that it will be back to work after hunkering down for a year.

I had a new plug for the rototiller and after putting it in, the machine started on the first pull. But I discovered that I have a non-clinically diagnosed case of octogenarianitus. 3 My first symptom is: it’s going to take three afternoons to do what I used to do in one.

Like the afore mentioned coat hanger project 4, I was just going to make a quick run to pick out my seeds – no need to mention why I didn’t. So it was back to Amazon. Free delivery 5 has more than paid for my Prime subscription.

I watched about five minutes of a golf re-run, but later we went to Netflix for an Agatha Cristy movie 6 The Pale Horse.

Well that was Sunday and Monday in a nutshell. And in the words of a cartoon character, “Th-th-th-that’s all folks !” For today anyway.


unkering down postscript: Will our hunkering down days be as many as episodes on The Twilight Zone? 7


unkering down random: Remember the young man who was ticketed for texting while driving. That same day he dribbled gas on his coat sleeve while filling up his vehicle at a self-serve pump. A short time later, he lit a cigarette and held it out the window to keep the smell out of the car as he drove through town. A spark caught his sleeve on fire, and he waved it frantically in the wind. the same officer stopped him and arrested him for displaying a firearm in public.

  1. My wife. 

  2. He watched the show as a kid and still remembers the format >! 

  3. If that’s not a real word, I’ll take credit for coining it. 

  4. Amazon came through with the screws I needed, so I’ll be back on that. 

  5. and free movies 

  6. Interesting in its own way but was only a little like her book of the same name. 

  7. Rhetorical question of course. 

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