Hunkering Down XIX

Hunkering down – day twenty-six! My personal hunkering down in 2017 was different – it was just me. Well I’m sure there were others following similar advice. My doctors told me to self-isolate so I wouldn’t catch anything that would delay my May 11 surgery 1. I can thankfully say the surgery got it all and I didn’t need chemo or radiation. All tests since then have confirmed success.


ctogenarianitus 2 is going to be my excuse or explanation for a number of things: putting off what can be done tomorrow, making walks shorter, saying stupid 3 things, doing stupid things, not volunteering for physical work, not eating kale, etc. However, I’m reserving the right to give opinions, because I can use my new word when differed with.

I’m sure any reader with even minimal medical knowledge has picked up on the error of my ways in claiming a new word. I’m going to have to correct what I learned about what I was saying – inflammation of the 80s 4. So, to make a short story longer, I’m looking for a different suffix to describe my octogenarian attitude.


unkering down postscript: Is wordology another name for lexigraphy?5


unkering down random: Is there an app for that?

  1. colon cancer 

  2. The condition and word I’m claiming to have coined yesterday. 

  3. Sorry kids, I know your mother told you to not use this word, but I can because I have octogenarianitus. 

  4. Not the decade, the age 

  5. Another hypothetical question? 

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