Hunkering Down XX

Hunkering down – day twenty-seven! 1 After nearly a month, hunkering down is no longer hard to do. However, with sons, daughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren2 within short driving time, it’s been hard to not drop in on them or they drop in on us. I’ve said this before, but it’s reasonable to say again that I’m thankful for social media.

About octogenarianitus: I’m working on a new word to use for an excuse. Considering superoctogenarianisticexpialidocious3. I’ve always considered words to be fun, and at times to be made fun of 4.


arden progress: We octogenarians often find the kind of hunkering down needed to do garden work is hard to do. In the past, I usually did the rototilling, and other prep on spring break 5. Well, that was when I was teaching. No real excuse, except rain, for being late this year. I’m throwing in what word I might or might not try to re-coin that relates to being an octogenarian excuse for not working.


unkering down postscript:The word of the day is ____ 6. But consider keeping it to yourself.


unkering down random: In reference to the historical set of definitions and subsequently as a resultant implication and the characterization of specific criteria contained therein, any associated supporting element is further compounded when taking into account recognition of the importance of other systems and the necessity for the evolution of specifications over a given time period for the philosophy of commonality and standardization and total system rationale for word coining.

  1. OK the title says 20, so it is obvious that I started this series after the decision. 

  2. Except one granddaughter, her husband and child in a faraway state. 

  3. A place holder until after research or just a guess. 

  4. OK purists, I know I ended with a preposition. 

  5. First week of April in WA. 

  6. Your thought here 

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