Hunkering Down XXI

Hunkering down – day twenty-eight and Hunkering Down blog twenty-one. This morning, as I started, I realized doing this series on a daily basis reminds me too much of having a required work routine. Therefore, and however, I will continue to post chapters of Before Grandpa was Thirteen every morning or afternoon as the impulse hits me. Nevertheless, I’ll probably skip most of the A.M. news which is much like the previous day’s late-night news and take the few minutes necessary for putting up the next chapter. Having posted 13 chapters on < Gpa 13, there are 24 to go.

I might consider posting another book chapter by chapter, but the book was intended for grandkids, so Before Grandpa was Thirteen chapters are short.

My other realization was that I was starting to look at myself as one who posts every meal, every location, and every activity in which I’m involved on a social media site. Thus, and therefore, I’ll just put up a blog on Fridays.


unkering down postscript: I’m sure octogenarian Neil Sedaka could start with hunkering down is hard to do, set it to “Breaking up…” and make it a memorable song.


unkering down random: Does Winnie Bagel write a travelogue?

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