Hunkering Down XXII

Hunkering down – day 35 and Hunkering Down blog 22. If this were a news cast, I’d be saying, “Welcome back – good to see you again.” As it is today, you cannot see me as I cannot see you. “Yada-yada-yada.”

This week was mostly the same as most recent weeks. Well, that’s not news! For octogenarians who aren’t into cruses or long road trips, hunkering down is not far out of our routine. It goes without saying however, that being face-to-face with family and friends is very much missed Since the first day of hunker, we’ve missed seeing grandkids and great grandkid returning from afar, one or perhaps two pinochle games, five church services, five small groups, and more than we realize random events. 1

The garden has been rototilled, but and being blessed with only octo-energy, removing a year of weed roots has been time consuming. Well the seeds and onion sets ordered online are not here yet anyway. Some nurseries are taking phone orders for pickup, thus tomato plants are in the plan for very soon after weed root removal.

Two agents have had my query and their requested pages for Iniquities of the Father for nearly 60 days, so I’ve been prepping it for a self-publish. It’s a fairly long process. Normal letter size pages must be reduced to a smaller page size and the text reformatted accordingly. Front mater takes some time, and the back-cover text needs to be reduced from several hundred words to very close to 100. Then there is the cover design. But wait, there’s more – Amazon publishing has its requirements too.2

If I don’t hear from either agent, I’ll be completing the self-publish process early next week. Then, I’ll work on other projects until the proof copy arrives.3


unkering down postscript: “Mary, Mary how does your garden…”


unkering down random: Write right, Wright!

  1. We know we’re not alone in the situation. 

  2. I’ve done the process before, so none of this is unexpected. 

  3. It takes about 10 days. 

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