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Hunkering down – day 42 should be hard to do.

NOT! Today, I’ve posted < Gpa 13 # 271 about hunkering down during late 1940s winters in North Dakota. In many ways it was different then – we were kids and snow was for play even in near zero weather. I also mentioned my grandparents having survived the winter of 1918. I didn’t include the 1918 influenza pandemic and economic conditions associated with it or WWI that impacted them.

The best made plans of mice and men2 – or something like that – certainly applies to my last-Saturday gardening goal. We’d not had measurable rain for well over two weeks, and only a drizzle was predicted for that morning. I’d planted some Walla Walla onion sets on Friday, and a granddaughter gifted more sets and other plants for in-grounding.

Note: I’d not finished with the ground prep for additional onions or the rest, so Saturday was going to be that day. Nope – it rained all day.3 The weather service shows only 0.1 inch on Saturday, but Sunday morning the soil was wet a quarter of an inch down.

Then the rains came – not like monsoon, but enough to keep me out of the garden space. I did, however, get a bunch of potential starts into small pots of soil so when it warms, I can transplant little plants instead of seeds in the rows.4

This week I used the ‘read aloud’ function in MS-Word to get more than halfway through the 400 page manuscript of my next book5 for Amazon self-publication. Using the ‘read aloud’ takes care of that recommendation much better than self-reading aloud because it forces no skips caused by familiarity with the text. For example, hearing ‘writhing’ in a mechanical voice where it should be ‘writing’ is a great attention alert.

We don’t feel the isolation as much as some of our younger friends. The octogenarian life and being on summer break from teaching for five years was a gradual lifestyle change for us. And never having a ‘bucket list’ that included travel has been another plus. This not to say we don’t miss church, coffee with friends, pinochle, other small gatherings, or browsing a store just for the walk. As said at an earlier time, we are thankful for Wi-Fi, cell service, etc.


unkering down postscript: Weather whether we like it or not is what we get.


unkering down random: Worry is a waste of time even if we have plenty of time.

  1. From Before Grandpa was Thirteen available on Amazon. 

  2. Nothing to do with Steinbeck’s book. 

  3. We are still 8” behind for the water year which starts in October. 

  4. Did you ever notice that purchased seed packets contain more than you can ever use in a personal garden, or not quite enough to finish a row? 

  5. The pages are already in 6×9 paperback format. 

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