Hunkering Down XXIV

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Hunkering down after day 49 should be getting easier. Last Saturday early, I went to the store for the first time since day 14.1 Many of the please don’t hoard shelves were empty, as was the store nearly.2 Remember reading about my gardening plans? FYI, weekends in the PNW3 are known for being rainy.


I was reading about a celeb who wrote his/her first book and sales were ‘out the window’ and a movie might be in the near future. I guess being a celeb is the criteria for getting a mediocre book published. I’ve read some very good beta manuscripts that should have been published, but…
I’ve also read about ghost writers who have earned considerably higher than minimum wage5 when someone of status decides to write a book.


unkering down postscript: Reflection and Projection by my son.


unkering down random: Random is as random does.

  1. … pants on fire! I did make an EMERGENCY ice cream run to a mini-mart two weeks ago. 

  2. Grammar checker – give me a break! 

  3. Pacific North West for out of the area readers. 

  4. Well it’s a start. 

  5. But no writing ability recognition. 

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