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This was posted to ‘public’ on Facebook by my granddaughter and I have her permission to repost it here.

I’ve seen a LOT of people posting memes and quotes, etc. comparing the government overreach happening here in the states with what the Nazi’s did to the Jews during WWII.

This needs to STOP! These two situations are literally nothing alike.
First, by posting something like this it comes across as anti-Semitic. I’m going to assume that hopefully most, if not all, of you don’t mean for that to be the case. If you do, please unfriend me. I am Jewish by blood and Christian by faith. My ancestors were both Nazis and Jews. I have skin in this game, so please hear me out.
Second, please study history. Yes, the Nazis used propaganda to influence the minds of the Germans, but so have hundreds of other regimes throughout history. This doesn’t make our government even remotely similar to the Nazis.
The intent of the Nazis was to remove the world of very specific people groups (Jews mainly but also anyone who was gay, mentally ill, disabled, disfigured, or various other reasons) and religions (Judaism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, among others) by murdering them through various means including but not limited to: gas chambers, firing squads, death marches, torture, medical experimentation, labor camps, and starvation.
Being asked (or told in some areas) to stay in your home to protect others is so far from similar to this that I don’t even understand how you can compare it. Even those being arrested (rightly or wrongly) are still being given three meals a day, clothes, hygiene products, their own bed, cable TV, showers (that don’t involve a gas chamber), visitation by family and lawyers, and if they want it, a job that they actually get paid for (granted not much).
Now, I’m not saying prison or jail is a cakewalk, or that those breaking quarantine deserve to be there. What I am saying is there is literally no comparison to an American jail and a Nazi concentration camp. To even suggest there might be is ignorant and offensive.
I ask you friends, to stop and think before posting things like this. I understand people are upset, and hurting and losing everything because they can’t work. I know this is an Incredibly difficult time for just about everyone, but please, don’t diminish the horrors that my people – my family – endured by saying this is the same thing.
There are many other governments you can compare this to: the east Germans/Stasi (paid people to spy on their neighbors) the USSR (though I doubt this is like a gulag either) or even modern day China or Iran. Heck, most governments worldwide are more restrictive than the USA.
I’d encourage you to talk to people who have survived these governments, or who are living under them now. Ask them what it’s really like to have no freedom. Educate yourself and get out of the echo chambers. Hyperbole has its place, and so does peaceful demonstration against government, but not at the expense of other people’s lives and tragedies.
We are being asked to stay home to protect the least of these – the weak and disabled, the elderly and immunocompromised – the very people the Nazis wanted to kill. (Again total opposite). Many in my family including my husband, brothers in law, and father in law fall into these categories. I am staying home to protect them, not because I’m scared of getting sick, but so that I don’t infect someone else if I am sick.
As a Christian, I should not live in fear, and I do my best not to, but that isn’t the greatest commandment.
As a Christian, I’m told to respect the governing authority, but that isn’t the greatest commandment either.
The greatest commandment is this: “Love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, AND love your neighbor as yourself.”
Loving God means being obedient but also not living in fear.
Loving my neighbor means putting their needs ahead of my own, by keeping them safe and helping them where I can.
Please stay safe friends and be wise. If anyone needs help, please let me know, and I will do what I can. Praying we all get through this quickly.

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