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Hunkering down day 63.

Sixty-two years ago today, Russia launched Sputnik-3. It was originally intended to be the first satellite, but its complexity and size led the Soviets to launch the much simpler Sputnik-1 to beat the United States into space. I was stationed with the Army Security Agency on the southern island of Japan – we went on alert1 until the full mission of the satellite was understood. At the launch of Sputnik-1 on October 4, 1957, I was stationed at Chitose, Japan. I wasn’t directly connected to the signal monitoring mission, except to install equipment for it. Two weeks on base!

Forty years ago next week, Mt. St. Helens blasted into the air. We were 60 miles away as the crow flies2 in Kelso, WA. There had been several venting events and ground tremors, so we had been warned – and we had face masks for toxic dust from some of the minor events. I had masks from woodworking and painting, so the immediate shortage didn’t impact me. But that time was different except for families of those who disregarded the warning to stay away from the mountain.

Local and national TV seems to have a plethora of talking head ‘experts’ giving advice on what to do during the pandemic isolation time. Anyone with common sense wouldn’t necessarily need a talking head expert to tell them what has worked, works, or will work for them. should I mention nearly every T H E has a how to survive ______________3 book for sale?

Writers often hunger for uninterrupted time to exercise their passion 4. So, when they have time they write. Research for nonfiction writing no longer needs the reference stacks – at least not for a draft. And, isn’t fiction from the head which we carry with us everywhere. We can observe people from afar and even the evening news or documentaries on TV for ideas or reactions about which to write. Our portrayals don’t have to be exact – we are writing fiction! However, unless doing fantasy fiction, there has to be enough reality to make the story plausible.

I hope you’re not on pins and needles to hear how our personal week was. OK! OK! It was the same as the week before except for the dates.


unkering down postscript: Mt. St. Helens didn’t really impact the southeast and neither do hurricanes impact the northwest, but like our current situation, it was, and they are also real.


unkering down random: “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail.”

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  1. Restricted to base for two weeks as I remember, but we were working 12/7 anyway. 

  2. I have no verifiable evidence of a single or murder of crows making that trip. 

  3. fill in the blank 

  4. My speculation because I’ve not researched or read research on the hypothesis. 

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