Hunkering Down XXVII

Day 70.

Much of the time between week 7 and 10 has a sprint to the finish line for a project. I finished Iniquities of the Fathers: A Story of Illusions and Deceptions on May 2 and sent it to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It is available now.

A variation of the first part of Iniquities of the Fathers was originally published as An Odyssey of Illusions in 2012. It was an Eric Hoffer Award finalist in 2013.

The story does not have unjustifiable violence, vile language, or sexual content but it does have time frame concepts and social/cultural issues that make it inappropriate for young readers.

I had many parallel events during my formative years, and I lived in many of the places Levi’s father took his family. But to be clear, Levi is not me and I am not Levi. However, I did have the essence of his nightmare.

On my security clearance history for the Army in 1956, I was required to list all residences after 1937. It was acceptable to state, “From Jan 1, 1937 to Sep 1946, I lived in several places; my family and I do not know the exact addresses or dates.” Thus, my first verifiable entry was: Sep 46 – Jun 49, General Delivery, Van Hook, North Dakota. My mother said we’d lived in at least 50 places prior to that time.

The writing of An Odyssey of Illusions made my father’s record ‘only history’ to me. As Levi does in Iniquities of the Fathers, I actually did try to escape my circumstance, but I was 16 and it was much shorter than fictionally depicted in the story.

So, what’s next? I need to finish two books written primarily for the grandkids, Grandpa was a Teenager and Rose-Rose-Rose: Cold War Stories I Told My Grandchildren. You can see a little about them (the books) on my ‘Writings’ page.

Random from my books: “But where do I start and whom must I tell first?”1

  1. Iniquities of the Fathers, pg 354 

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