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It’s a post as if you couldn’t tell.

I’ve been asked a number of questions, so I’ll try to answer them here.

Q: When did you publish your first work?
A: A reviewer said it was more important that I was never able to speak French.
Q: How much were you paid for your first article?
A: A competitor sad that may be irrelevant because several of my friends drive Buicks.
Q: Did you study English in College?
A: In retrospect, some things are immaterial because our neighbor used Gold Metal in her cakes, but Mother had the same results with Pillsbury flour.
Q: Are you working on another book?
A: Several people have accused me of saying that sufficient evidence in the case of illness being caused by eating mountain snow either exists or doesn’t.
Q: How many characters should be in a novel?
A: In reference to a dialog which might be printed or spoken, there is no supporting evidence to the relationship between essential and non-essential coordination of non-essential and essential facts.
Q: Are you planning another book or article?
A: Juicing a lemon can be done mechanically or by hand, but the juice is essentially the same in either case.

Quotes from my books:
Iniquities of the Fathers: A Story of Illusions and Deceptions, page 237: “Suit lady like the one who talked to Ma in Kansas after Dad took off. Her voice sounds a little like Lillie’s mother. Maybe she’s from Massachusetts or maybe New York. But she sounds a little like Aunt Winnie Mae in Texas too.” (Levi Robert Reising’s thought.)

Echoes of Nam, pg 58: “Adolph and Heidi Keller, branded by German Democratic Republic officials as un-favored intellectuals, worked as low-level government clerks in the Russian Zone Berlin rail transportation office.”
Nescient Decoy, pg 66: “Wish I had the Glock from Tel Aviv. Well I couldn’t use it with my hands behind my back..” (A thought by protagonist, Jason Carter Finn.)

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