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Real answers to the Q&A posts from July 5th and 12th are on the Morning Thoughts page, however, I’ve moved the link to my home page. You’ll have to search for the access point.1
I’m still having a fun with the experiment, so if you find the hidden link, tell me on my contact page.

I heard parts of a TV interview of John Grisham in which he said something like, “I write an ending to a book as soon as I get started. Then I have a place to go with it.”

Endings from my published books:

Iniquities of the Fathers: A Story of Illusions and Deceptions:
Levi finished the verse his grandmother never did.
…I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.
That evening he wrote and mailed long letters to Lillie Grand, Deb Johnson, and Sam Murphy.

Echoes of Nam:
Gore concluded, “I can’t be offended by Annie’s statement about my physical appearance. What you see is only what you get on the outside. I fully understand anything that triggers a nightmare must be considered, and if at all possible avoided. We, who were there and know that Vietnam won’t be over for many of my generation until their bodies are dead, understand the most. I’ve never met a man or woman or their family who wasn’t mentally, emotionally, or physically changed by his or her Vietnam combat or even non-combat experience. By the grace of God, my triggers have been reduced, but I still have echoes of Nam.”

Nescient Decoy:
Erin and I won’t have signed photographs like my grandparents, but we’ll have knowledge that we served as decoys, so things about which we’ll probably never know were made possible.
Perhaps Erin and I will go back to the Company (CIA) someday. But for now, the only looking over our shoulders will be to check if the kitchen light is on while we sit on the porch to sip coffee in the morning or enjoy a local vintage wine while watching the evening sky turn red behind Steens Mountain.

  1. Hint: It’s in the first line. 

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