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Communications came to mind when I had thoughts about repurposing this site and blog. What and to whom do I want to communicate? I’ve not yet made that decision.

Revisions of the format are part of my repurposing. Thus, I’ve decided to use what you see here. One reason for this theme is that it is one column – some readers with different monitors said the two-column format made reading difficult.

So, the format has been decided. But I have some work to do on the content of the pages.

Back to communications: Years ago, my duties included communicating information to and about several departments of the place I worked. Meetings that occurred the same time and place during the workweek were routine and always included in the general bulletin. In fact, they were so routine, that most didn’t have to read the announcement – they just showed up for the meetings.

My boss sent me a note for general distribution through the bulletin – I did his bidding. I announced his being out of the area and cancelation of a meeting he chaired. Several showed up. Someone said something about my not letting everyone know. I admit being a little snarky when I told that person it wasn’t in my job description to contact each person individually and orally repeat what was routinely in the e-mail or posted bulletin.

A section leader told my boss and he told me about something that hadn’t been included in the bulletin. That section leader had never told me – he’d asked someone else to let me know and that person didn’t relay the message.

I recall hearing the coach of a minor sport talking to a local newspaper reporter covering another sport about a significant event at a game not being mentioned in the paper. The reporter asked if the paper had been contacted about it, to which the coach said everyone should have known.

Communication is a two-way process. It has senders, receivers, as well as wanted and unwanted filters. Those filters, especially the unwanted could be a standalone dissertation or a series of presentations.

Just who is responsible for successful communication?

Perhaps I’ll choose that question for repurposing this blog.
We’ll see.