Of Slugs I

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Slug can be defined in several ways:
the gravitational unit of mass in the foot-pound-second system to which a pound force can impart an acceleration of one foot per second per second and which is equal to the mass of an object weighing 32 pounds
any of numerous chiefly terrestrial pulmonate gastropods (order Stylommatophora) that are found in most parts of the world where there is a reasonable supply of moisture and are closely related to the land snails but are long and wormlike and have only a rudimentary shell often buried in the mantle or entirely absent
a heavy blow especially with the fist
the ferrite[mfn]iron[/mfn] core of a variable inductance coil [mfn]slug tuned inductor[/mfn] used to change the frequency response of electronic equipment
a counterfeit coin that is used to make illegal purchases from a coin-operated device
Three of the above are related to stories from my classrooms. A classroom story about an Army Lt. Colonel and slug tuned coils will be in “Of Slugs II.”

Echoes of Nam: Absence from war is not the same as peace of the soul: “I appreciate your time and commitment to tell our story. It has helped a little for me to understand that for the rest of my life I’ll probably go to sleep wondering which twin he will be in the morning. For the three of us, Annie Brax”