Of Slugs V

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Hit, AKA slug, as evidenced in my last two junior high stories in my “Of Slugs” series within this series[mfn]classroom and school stuff[/mfn].
As hinted to by the title, this and the next story involves a slug, but from girls. Oohhh yes, girls can pack a wallop too. And before you start thinking I taught in a violent school, three slugs of the hit kind in three different schools during a 35-year span in a multitude of school settings shouldn’t be too concerning. [mfn]OK! There was the attempted knifing incident to be told later.[/mfn] And the girl incidents told of here and next were about 25 years apart.

Bruises I got from two girls.

Marlene and Charlene were ten-month apart half-sisters. Marlene started school early and Charlene started late so they were in the same grade. By appearance they were twins and their mother looked like she could have been their identical triplet sister. Well, she was only 15 when Charlene was born and 16 with Marlene.[mfn]There’s another school story with this family too.[/mfn]

I only had one of the girls in a high school class, but I knew their mother Darlene from a junior high English class. But this about the twin lookers in junior high where I had neither in any of my classes.

Signs of an active fight in junior high were generally the same – the most obvious was a split loyalty crowd shouting encouragement to a favorite. But the fight between the sisters was in the line for an after-school bus when I was on bus duty. They were already whacking at each other when I heard the cursing and moved in.

I grasped each by an arm and tried to hold them apart while telling them to stop. Neither could be convinced, and they continued to hit at each other with me between them. Before help arrived, I’d been slugged more times than either of them hit the other.

After their suspensions, I saw them on campus and in the lunchroom being buddy-sisters. One of them apologized when I had her in a high school class a few years later.

There is one more slug story to tell.

From my book Iniquities of the Fathers: A story of Illusions and Deceptions:

Lee would start the eighth grade with more than one covert identity. He wouldn’t only continue to hide Levi, he was certain from reading and reasoning that he was a political pawn, he was a shaving teenager, and he would follow Faye’s ways and invent some of his own to hide his being a closet drinker.