All Girl Class I

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The title is “All Girl Class I,” but this the second in my sub-series relating to my teaching an all-girl eighth-grade English class. At the expense of making a repeated, recurring statement, as I said before[mfn]Bumping up the word count for no specific reason.[/mfn], that experience led to my believing eighth grade girls very are much like seventh graders, ninth graders, or just in between.

During my teaching years, I had three sets of identical twins in my classes[mfn]I had mirror twin boys in a math class[/mfn]. Two sets were in the all-girl class. One of the pairs had a nature to confuse others. The other set pointed out their differences on one of the first days of class. The set who gave me the ID clues nearly always had the same grades, but the pair other didn’t.

I disregarded the antics of the ‘fool ya’ pair and got to know the subtle differences in their behaviors, but I let them play their game for a while. I’m sure some students knew they were involved in the guess if you can episodes when they traded places in the seating chart. Initially, I wasn’t sure which was the better student because one time one would get the better score, then it was often the other.

If drama had been part of the curriculum, each of them would have been an A student. The year before, one was busted for smoking and they split the suspension time.

To get them to admit which they were, I averaged their grades for several assignments. Finally, the one who really got better quiz and in class assignment scores protested. And the problem, for me at least, was solved.

<!–Along time ago, at least a year, I posted most of the stories I used in Before Grandpa was Thirteen on I, JMB Say. So, I’m having thoughts about posting my Grampa’s Teenage Years in the same forum before I make the decision to self-publish them as a book – or not.[mfn]My grandkids already have a home-printed copy.[/mfn]–>