Skifoot and She I

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Most of the students with whom I delt over the years were average – a little ahead or a little behind the center of the normal distribution curve. But Skifoot was a genius! And his sister She was too.

Sister first:

She[mfn]Not her real name – but you probably guessed that.[/mfn] as one counselor told me would have tested somewhere in the high 140s or conceivably higher. I had She in just one class. When She was assigned to my all girl English class at the beginning of winter quarter, she had already missed most of the first ten weeks. You might remember is said my all girl English class was eighth grade. So why was She, a seventh grader, in that class? I’m not sure, and didn’t question it then.[mfn]This forum is not a good place for I really think/believe about the situation.[/mfn]

School policy for attendance, at the time, was: a student missing 15 days except for verifiable medical reasons would receive a failing grade. She’s record coming into my class revealed she had been at school the first few days and on the days for mid-quarter and end of quarter first quarter testing.

Transferred first quarter grade records showed that She had aced both the mid-quarter and quarter tests in the seventh-grade class in which she had been enrolled. With tests being only 40% of the grade, and her being absent all but 5 days, She was an F student in English and all other classes because her attendance was the same for each of them.

She’s parents didn’t return calls from me, other teachers, or counselors. At the end of the school year, letters went out notifying She’s parents that she would have to repeat 7th grade. She had been enrolled in seventh because her California school records showed her completing sixth while living apart from her local family.

I transferred to the high school that fall and lost track of She. I learned later that She tested through a GED program and qualified for admission to a university just shy of her 14th birthday.

We had no idea about She’s having social anxiety disorder. Her brother Skifoot, however was a different story.