Happy New Year 2021

blog post
What a year that was.

You know to which I refer, so I mention no numbers. In that light, it’s over, so


I took Christmas Vacation off for no blogging. But you knew that.

Isn’t it still disturbing when someone knows what you know and tells you anyway? As I said before, feel free to fill in the snark line. Unless it’s generally offensive, I’ll probably approve it. And you can always make a confidential note on my contact page.

I read an article about the pressures put on by the New Year’s resolutions. Well, it was more about the pressures of the guilt after not keeping the ones that seemed the most important at the time.

Therefore, I’m not making resolutions! And I mean it!

However I do have some liketas. First, I’d liketa take credit for coining the word liketa which seems to imply I’d like to. I’m not going to bore you with my Liketa List because at the end of the year, whatever I do may or may not have been on the list.
Now it’s time to start on the list.
That could be a waste of time.