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Just saying.
My seventh-grade team lost only one game that season.
Being qualified to coach football in the junior high school wasn’t difficult in those days.

Usually, coaches were also the PE teachers and for whatever reason history teachers. I was neither but coached a season of seventh grade football. The previous spring, I was an assistant track coach. My qualifications for coaching: I ran track and played football in high school.

I was approached to coach the team and could earn $750 for the season. Since my regular contract paid $7,500, it was a true bonus. That’s right – we made four digits in those days, but our house cost only $17,500.

Most of the players ended up on the junior high varsity as eighth graders or freshman, and all but a few eventually played high school ball. In those days junior high was 7-8-9 and high school was 10-11-12.

Some of the post season discussions were about the other junior high in town wining only one game that season. Players on that team had the same ensuing success as those on my team at the high school that drew from both junior high schools.


There is more to the story. The only game we had was against that other junior high school.