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Remember the ‘just like twins’ in “Of Slugs V” posted on 9/30/2020?
Charlene was transferred to my sophomore applied math class at second quarter.

She was late to the first period class on her first day and I’d already sent the attendance report to the office. Policy required students five or more minutes late get a pass from the attendance office for admittance to class. She didn’t have one and asked me to just mark her absent. I told her something like, “If I see you, you’re here, but tardy. I have rules to follow also.” She said the reason she changed classes was because she was tardy half of the days in the class from which she transferred.

I spoke to the girls’ counselor and was told her mother had agreed that the vocational applied math would be a better fit than general math. She settled in and seemed to enjoy the class and the curriculum concept. She was tardy several more times during the waning quarter but with the attendance office pass. Then she came in near the end of the class and asked for assignments for several days in advance. I explained there was lab work involved and she’d have to make them up at lunch time or after school before the end of the semester.

I got the rest of the story.

Charlene couldn’t be in at lunch time because she had to go to the school nursery/daycare to nurse her baby. And her being late so often was for the same reason. Then she told me coming in after school was out too because dropped off the baby at her mother’s she had a part time job to augment her welfare allotment.

Her mother was a mother at 15 and a grandmother at 30.

Sadly, she dropped out at the end of semester and I never saw her, her mother, or her sister again.