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Taking time off from blogging and other short projects has been fruitful. In my last post I said, ”
Remember Jason Finn from Nescient Decoy.” Well, a well started sequel to it was not where I went.
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I drafted a story several years ago but put it into the vault. (Not the one Geraldo Rivera was trying to open years ago.) Seems to me that I mentioned in one of my blogs long before the school experience series that I wanted to finish at least one or more of the books I’d started. That I did.
My initial plan was: as soon as a beta reader gets back to me, I’ll put the process for self-publishing the paperback and Kindle versions into motion.
After some input, and internal reconsiderations, I did some revisions and decided to query a regional publisher. So, if rejected or not responded to, I’ll resume the self-publishing route.

Game Time: A Week in October

The Smelt River flows between the Southwest Washington small towns of Mill Run and East Mill. Football, somewhat like it’s characterized in the book and movie Friday Night Lights, dominates that season in East Mill. But football is not the only game in town.

Expected and unexpected social and political dynamics weave through the school and town during preparation for the annual big game game.

An inside observer and his family make a life changing decision to remove themselves from the games.

Efforts of high school girls seeking highs, finding ways to acquire drugs, and plotting a real party on game night thread through the week. Parents, teachers, coaches, and others play the games of their daily life.

An event involving a senior running back gives a local gambler what he believes to be an advantage. The all-league player is further conflicted when he discovers the infidelity of a role model. With seconds left in the game, he is forced to make a moral, last second performance decision that he knows will win the game or destroy his future.

While the hometown games are being played, a random explosion destroys a secret military operation near the Iraq – Iran border. Two navy seals related to players survive the explosion, make hard decisions about mission security, and give exemplary but expected effort to save their unconscious Gunny.

The simultaneous in-town games are paused by an avoidable tragic event. Survivors, good and bad, move on to other games.

Now could be the time a further develop the aforementioned sequel, or I have more in the vault. But gardening time looms near!


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