Change of Direction

blog post
Shortly before posting my school series, I gave considerable thought to expressing opinions, agreeing with, or posing arguments against views of others.
Some seem to expect Octogenarians to judgements about nearly everything, and I’ve heard it said that people of a certain age without opinions about a topic just make up something. Then I started thinking seriously about whether or not the aforethought was a good idea.
So then, how does an octogenarian change direction? It depends on the octogenarian’s internal and openly discussed consideration of clinical observations based on a constant flow of effective information or a constant flow of ineffective information as well as the independent functional principle used to maximize the probability of impactive change and minimizes the emotional cost and time required for considerable differences analysis and trade-off studies to arrive at a significant implementation of the transformation(s).

Having met the criteria above, I think I’ll just continue my randomness which includes posting frequency.

Most years I use paper egg cartons to start my corn. I had several dozen in my lean-to and after several days checked the dampness of the soil. I noticed a dimple in nearly each place I had put a corn seed. I checked and each seed I had planted was gone.

I know these birds are involved in a Murder, but it never occurred to me that they be involved in a Robbery.