Nothing to See Here

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In respect to specific blogging goals and based on non-professional clinical observations in parallel with a constant flow of effective information modified by a social media flow of ineffective information which is further complicated by a primary interrelation between system and subsystem technologies, requires considerable opinion analysis and trade-off studies, thus adding overriding performance constraints to arrive at the evolution of concept specifications over a given time period, and in this regard, must be integrated with the format design, based on language-engineering vocabulary imposition by a sovereign authority and the obligation of obedience on the part of all subject to that authority for blogging.[mfn]If you read aloud, you are authorized a deep breath.[/mfn]
That didn’t learn me nothing! How about you?
Having not completely and only partially met the criteria above, I think I’ll just continue my randomness.
Oh, that’s what I said last time I posted. How random is that? No need to answer – I talk to myself.

Corn starting update:
I built a screen cage to cover the paper egg cartons in which I start my corn.
The next morning, I checked the dampness of the soil and every seed was gone. Was I Gaslighted or did the crows team up and lift the cage?
Well, I’ve seen a Murder work as a team to strip bark off some un-barked firewood and fly the strips to wherever this year’s nest is being built. I have no doubts about their cunningness to pry up one end of the lightweight cage, remove seeds and drop the cage back in place.

I say here and now – the critters will not get the best of me!

FYI: I’ve not been gaslighted!