As my octogenarianism grows into its fifth year, my mind continues to wonder as I wander.
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I quote myself, “The crows don’t seem to show fear of the dogs. They just fly up until the dogs pass and settle back to their eating or whatever is on their morning agenda.”
And it hasn’t faded from my mind that a number of times a Murder ripped new Walla Walla Sweets from where I set put the starts. And there’s the corn issue.
The roto-tilling* is finished and the winter grass clumps have been removed. Tomatoes will have to wait until the sun warms our Southwest Washington soil enough to ensure good growth.
*Someone I will call they said roto-tilling will kill the earth worms. The they also said the safest way to prevent killing the soil blenders is to hand spade. I remember when I didn’t have a toto-tiller and did just that. On my first dig I cut some worms in half. However, my mild trauma ended when I learned that the head half of the worm will likely regenerate a new tail. So, what’s the difference if a worm is cut by a spade or a machine?

Walla Wallas are in the ground and the net frame is nearly complete.

Corn starting update:[mfn]Not that I believe anyone really cares.[/mfn]
The crows didn’t get them from the garage window, so these will go into the ground today!