Just Wandering

blog post
As my octogenarianism grows into its fifth year, my mind continues to wonder as I wander.
Or could it be that my mind wanders as I wonder?

In case you are wondering why I’ve done several posts about vehicle wrecks, and even if you’re not wondering, I’m answering. Each of them is a slightly modified version of short stories in Grandpa was a Teenager. Most of the grandkids have heard most or some of the stories before they were mediumized [mfn]If this isn’t a real word, I’ll just claim my coining it, or giving it a second meaning for my purpose here.[/mfn] as print. They have a home-printed preliminary copy, but I’m tuning it up a little. No auto-pun intended.
Speaking of books, I just got my review copy for the print version of my latest one. The Kindle version of Game Time: A week in October has been on Amazon for about two weeks and a sale is booming. I’ve posted a description of the story on I, JMB Say. The paperback will be available on Amazon after I review pagination, etc.
Indecision plagues me as I wonder about which started project should be finished next. Most logical seems to be the collection of teenage stories, or perhaps it should be a collection of my Army time stories, some of which have also been told to grandkids.
Then there is the historical novel about coming of age of a protagonist involved in the settlement of Ft. Ross, CA. Should I finish Erin Finn’s parallel story to Jason’s in Nescient Decoy. Or how about the started historical fiction about Jason’s grandfather’s OSS involvement during WWII?
My mind must be wandering as I wonder, or…
So, having said all of the above, and not having a clear and present path for my writing, thoughts, muses, … I might just take a vacation from this blog also.

I couldn’t not work on something – I pulled out the old (1998) files for Adventure to Ross, did some reading and editing and discovered I could finish the historical fiction novella with one more chapter. So, I’m on it!