Writing on Saturdays

As my octogenarianism goes progresses halfway into its fifth year, my mind continues to wander as I wonder.
Or could it be that my mind wonders as I wander?
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I don’t usually write on Saturdays unless I have an un-met deadline.
Wait! I don’t have deadlines except self-imposed.

Neither do I write on Sundays – most of the time anyway. However, when an idea pops into my head I violate the unwritten philosophy. I’m not sure about others in the state of octogenarianism, but sometimes an idea is just a flash and memory of an idea goes by quicker than a racing projectile. What was I thinking when I started this?

I’m not compelled to write everyday either. However, everything above the preceding statement applies.

Author copies of my latest book, Game Time: A Week in October, should be here any day now.

Now it’s on to finishing my historical novel about a character involved in the settlement of Fort Ross, CA.

Like Game Time, Adventure to Ross[mfn]working title[/mfn] was started many years ago. I absolutely admit that I have a problem with endings. I should give more attention to advice given by John Grisham. In a TV interview he said something like, “As soon as I start, I write an ending first, so I know where I’m going.”

So, you might ask, “When did you write this, then?”
Well, I started it on a Saturday, OK!



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  1. To myself: This is Saturday, but while doing yard work ahead of the rain, I had an idea I could not avoid.


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