Well Then, …

blog post
I’ve decided to let anyone interested, or even those disinterested to know the status of my writing and other projects.

I’m reasonably sure this post will be interpreted as post-posting some of my short stories. Yup, it is! However, [mfn]Did anyone notice that I use ‘however’ quite frequently? [/mfn] I am compelled to mention that the 18 I’ve most recently posted are rejections, but I’ve written more. To paraphrase the TV show 60 Minutes, ‘those stories and more’ will be in a book probably called A Collection of Shorts: But Not Clothing of a Certain Length.

I also have a historical novella/novel [mfn]borderline word count[/mfn] in beta reading status: the story of a young Russian set in the early 1800s history of the American North Pacific Coast and events that lead to the settlement of Ft. Ross, CA.

Deadlines are approaching for a short I’ve started for The First Line Literary Journal and one for its sister The Last Line. And I’m strongly considering responses to a pair of Chicken Soup for the Soul callouts.

I’ve not set a timeline to finish the started collection of short story book or the ‘in beta’ book. However, there is another time-user facing me. Pears and grapes will not put themselves on hold for me or anyone. As stated, the ripening cycle has no respect for time allocated to humans of any age. Not complaining, but I’m ready to comply with nature.

Here is a recent true story:

This is the link to my August 15 “Everybody Has A Story” in the Vancouver Columbian.

Oh dear, what do I post about next?
As my octogenarianism continues, my mind wanders as I wonder.
Or could it be that my mind wonders as I wander?
It is a fact that I have opinions – or is it?

It’s my current opinion [mfn]Kawho! It is a fact![/mfn] that I should avoid stating my opinions so no one gets a feeling that I’m presenting a deliberate misinterpretation of a noun’s [mfn]The object of ‘of’ could be common or proper.[/mfn] meaning. So now, I’m asking myself, “Self, can an inanimate object such as a word without further definition possess something?”

Of this I’m sure; well, as sure as an octogenarian can be; my posting [mfn]notice the gerund protocol[/mfn] blogs will be random again.