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The following is a variation of a previous post.

Remember Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium Is the Massage? Many who became educators in the 1960s might.

I wondered about what I would be reading when it was assigned in one of my college educational media classes. I and perhaps others thought, “What does massage have to do with educational media?” The title was supposed to have read “The Medium is the Message” What happened is explained on the McLuhan site.

My classmates and I had no choice; the reading was assigned and grade impacting quizzes would be given. How many of us would have glanced at the title and picked it off the shelf had it not been part of our professor’s mandatory reading list?

If asked a contextual question about the McLuhan’s concept today, I’d probably give vaguely remembered response. However, I think about it when someone of my generation comments on dress, medium or other presentation issues. Things like, he should be in a suit – how can he preach dressed so casually or she has a piecing – how can she be trusted to give advise on our investments.

I knew a hiring manager who would only give a prospective engineer a minute if the job seeker showed up in casual dress. A job seeker I know never got an interview from a paper resume. When the seeker started using the internet to submit personal and training data, the seeker’s qualifications were noticed. Same data – different medium – different message (qualifications) perceived.

Unfortunately, some never get past the title or artwork on the cover of an author’s work. And sometimes similar titles get confused, for example: Girl from the Train and Girl on the Train. One of the title characters is not a girl by common definition. However, the ‘on’ book got better marketing than the ‘from.’ In fact, when I was telling about my reading ‘from the train’ I got the comment from several, “You mean on the train, don’t you?”

I’m certain the marketing program for The Medium Is the Massage and others was far more important than the title to its sales and influence of its content.

So does a re-post mean I have nothing new?

Nah! I’m just giving my thinker a rest.

It is a fact that I have opinions – or is it?
As my octogenarianism continues, my mind wanders as I wonder.
Or could it be that my mind wonders as I wander?


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Another autumn is upon us and I’m thinking about seasons. So, I’ve been doing those things necessary for tending the summer. A new furnace filter is in its reminder to do place, the downspouts have been checked for clogs, the extra hoses have been stored, and the lawn sprinklers will be idled. The encroaching season brings back the rain, and we’ve needed more than was given this year. So ‘yea’ for that forecast.

The corn stalks from the garden are by the front door as a reminder that harvest is over. They will stay for a while, I’m sure. I tried to grow some pumpkins to help the display, but there were none this year. Pesky squirrels or perhaps a racoon got to them just after the flowering stage. 1The same thing happened last year but we bought a pumpkin.

I did however have a good pumpkin crop a few years ago.

You would know about the pears and grapes from previous posts. We ate the last of the Walla-Walla sweets last week.

In less than a month, I’ll be into the second half of octogenarianism and as I work outside, some things are the same as last year. Honkers fly overhead in their V letting us know its nearly time to settle in for the winter. Crows, usually in in a murder of three in and around our place, gather with other murders and screech the change of seasons in multiple murders flying together. 2I’ve counted as many as 30, but that might not be accurate because they keep moving.


It is a fact that I have opinions – or is it?
As my octogenarianism continues, my mind wanders as I wonder.
Or could it be that my mind wonders as I wander?


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Earlier, I was going to post about the quart of juice I got from my small vine. grapes on vine I put up a writing interrupter page for a few days instead. Even a casual reader will… Well, you know.

Just because I posted “Pears” and am now telling an adventure with grapes, don’t get the idea I’m starting a canning/cooking/food set of posts. There could be a set of two, but I have posted about my garden in the past.

My last post from Writer’s Digest prompts had the self-description, “octogenarian, Christian, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, veteran, uncle, cousin” to meet a ten-word constraint.

I could have said, “Grow vegiescrops – eat meat,” and met the ‘or under’ part of the parameter.

Could one consider that eating crow in an emergency is eating meat.

Oh snap! As is nearly predictable, I got off track again.

I’ve made juice before, but there is more this year.

Yield from my vine this year was 100lbs. +/-. Well, that’s about 4 lugs. One wine site says about 85 to 90 pounds of fresh grapes, still on their stems, is needed to make five gallons of wine. Using the steamer process, I filled 38 quarts (9 ½ gallons).

I’m guessing I could get nine gallons after filtering and fermenting the raw juice. If I was serious, I’d probably get 8 gallons after using some for jelly.

Serious? No! I don’t make wine. I’m sure it would cost more to buy the equipment I don’t have than to just go buy wine. Oh, I’ve probably not bought more than a gallon of wine in the last 20 years or so.

Red wine is a great tenderizer for beef going into stew. I don’t think white Concord juice would do the same. At the price of beef, I don’t think experimenting would be prudent.

Better quit before I randomize my self into a corner.

It is a fact that I have opinions – or is it?
As my octogenarianism continues, my mind wanders as I wonder.
Or could it be that my mind wonders as I wander?