Short Story 19 of …

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But wait! I’ve been notified of another rejection, thus number 19 in this series of those not accepted by journals for publication.
Lest anyone feels I’m dejected by rejection, I’m not trying to earn a living by writing. I’ve already done that in another era of my life. FYI, my technical writing time was financially productive.



Body Paint

“What should we do with the body?” Philip Parker didn’t usually ask before starting a project, but his cousin Bobby Behr’s reply was, “I asked Ennis Flint’s fiancé Kelly Moore and she suggested black for the body. Metallic green would probably be best for the restored fenders we have for the Ford.”

“You always suggest some kind of green, Behr. Don’t you know there are other colors? And I don’t think green was one of the stock fender colors for the 31s.”

“I was being facetious with the metallic. I know this is a serious project for a high prize in the show, Parker. We should have the car club meeting early and take a consensus. I’ll call co-chair Akzo Nobel if you’ll call Benjamin Moore and have them call a meeting with Sherwin Williams. Sher can go over the books with them to see if the club can afford to repaint both the body and trim.”

“OK, then, Behr said. “I’ll call Farrell Calhoun and get the history on Model A trim. He and Yancy Yenkin did a study after Andria Axalta challenged him a coupla years ago on 20s and 30s Chevy colors.”

Secretary Denelda Dunn-Edwards read the minutes of the most recent meeting after the co-chairs Noble and More harmonized the call to order and opened the Miller City Dyestuff Car Club special meeting. Kenny Kansai moved that approval of the minutes be tabled until the next regular meeting. Victoria Valspar seconded the motion, and the vote was in favor.

The co-chairs harmonized the question: What should we do with the body and trim colors?

Ennis Flint was first to chime in. “We just painted it last year! I say we just Simonize and call it done!”

Vincent Vogel stood saying, “I move to strip it to raw metal, re-prime it and use original formula product.”

The co-chairs harmonized, “Is there a second?”

Hans Hentzen seconded the motion.

Co-chair Nobel said, “Explain your reasoning, Vincent.”

Co-chair More echoed, “Explain your reasoning, Vincent.”

Vogel said, “We can help ensure a prize by being very close to authentic with Black for the body and maroon for the fenders and trim stripe. Yancy told me that he and Farrell found the Ford formulas when they researched the car colors. But we’ll have to make our own paint, because none of the paint companies I contacted will make a onetime run.”

After a number of colorful comments, the vote was unanimous.

As my octogenarianism continues, my mind wanders as I wonder.
Or could it be that my mind wonders as I wander?
It is a fact that I have opinions – or is it?