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Where were you 80 years ago on this date, December 7, 1941?

I was five-years-old.

Until I was in the Army, I believed we were in Los Angeles that day. When I needed a list of addresses to apply for a clearance, Mother said we were in Kelso, WA.

Blackouts and search lights scanning the sky during air-raid drills in Los Angeles are in my cranial hard drive. But dates in octogenarian memory are often questionable.

I also remember Army convoys, sometimes going both directions through Kalama, WA, on US Highway 99. My sister was born there in March 1942, so it makes sense that we were in Kelso just north of Kalama three or four months before.

As my octogenarianism continues, my mind wanders as I wonder.
Or could it be that my mind wonders as I wander?

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