Tiny House

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Was Aunt Martha ahead of her time?

Martha Christopherson, my grandfather Louis L Larson’s sister lived in a tiny house in Alexandria, Minnesota. By some standards of the TV series Tiny House Natation it was large – 675 sq.ft. exterior dimensions.

It certainly wasn’t anything like depicted on the show. The show emphasizes modern living in a small space. But Aunt Martha managed in this one.

My sister recalls, “If I remember right, it had the living room on the right, a bedroom on the left, a small dining area behind the living room and then the kitchen and across the hall another very small bedroom. I don’t remember if the bathroom was inside or outside.” And, “The house was so fitting for Aunt Martha because she was just a tiny woman herself. I think in 5th grade, I was the same height as she was.”

But the our great-Aunt was only little in statue. She was the age I am now (85) or older when I saw her using a push-mower to mow her lawn. My last conversation with her was when she had returned from her daily walk to the grocery store. It went something like:

“Aunt Martha you didn’t get much, could I give you a ride so you can get more?”

“No,” She said. “At my age if I by more than for a day or so, it might go to waste.”

She lived to be 92 and didn’t exceed her needs with a bigger house or more groceries.

If Aunt Martha’s house could talk, what could it say?

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