I Therefore Resolve


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Years go I decided to not go with the crowd of New Year’s resolution makers.

So, since then I’ve not had to feel guilty about:

Not Losing XXX pounds [mfn]Three Xs does not mean in the hundreds, nor would one X mean less than ten if….[/mfn]

Not Gaining a few pounds [mfn]Of course gaining British pounds might require some other kind of resolution.[/mfn]

Not Cutting down on coffee/tea/sugary drinks [mfn]Well, I don’t care for tea that much and sugary drinks are random and in small quantities.[/mfn]

Not Eating Better [mfn]Getting into octogenarianism leads me to believe my eating habits are OK for me.[/mfn]

Not Walking rain or shine [mfn]In local reality, rain or shine could be easily modified by cold or heat, thus nullifying the commitment.[/mfn]

Not Writing every day [mfn]Why would I want to keep this commitment if a relative, especially a great-grandchild is visiting.[/mfn]

Not Reading a book a week [mfn]What else could I do during my waking hours if I picked up Xavier Herbert’s Poor Fellow My Country – 852,000 words, or Victor Hugo’s only 545,925 word Les Misérables?[/mfn]

Not Accessing social media [mfn]Where else would I find the truth about…[/mfn]

Not Etc. [mfn]Did you expect a comment I consider clever in this note?[/mfn]




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