Murder in the Back Yard

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Except for reference to the three or more crows that perch/fly/strut/caw/etc. in our back yard, murder is probably the wrong word in the title.

As previously blogged, we have several murders of crows in our yard and neighborhood. But this is not exactly about them, well at least one murder is under suspicion of…

Some time ago, I may, or may not, have blogged a murder being suspected in the dispatching of a rabbit in our front yard. I wasn’t sure if it was the crows that put down the poor thing[mfn]If I called to witness in the court of wildlife activity, I’d have to confirm that I saw nothing.[/mfn], but there was activity outside the window of the room where I sit and do this.

Lo and behold, there was a still rabbit under our quince bush and one of the murder was pecking at it. I’m not personally opposed to the normal activities of wild critters, but my yard hasn’t been a designated place for wildlife activity since the 70s when the area was developed for…

Crows are capable of aggressive bullying – I’ve seen them in groups of three, chasing a lone hawk. Don’t they know raptors can kill even larger critters with talons and beak.

Speaking of killing with talons and beak, there is a Redtail hawk that frequents our neighborhood. I’ve seen squirrel scraps under a tree and a Redtail flying away with carry on, whoops, carrion baggage.

I’ve eliminated the murder as a suspect [mfn]Is murder in the case of crows singular or plural?[/mfn] and even without having observed the shredding of another rabbit, I suspect the Redtail.

Well there are racoons around too. However, none of the wild critters leave visible clues.

The victim of the non-criminal killing was given a demised goldfish like sendoff [mfn]Into the outside waste bin.[/mfn] without ceremony before the murder in our back yard had a chance to take lunch.