Block Issues

Today's Post
An advice column, Dear Annie, had a question and answer about writer’s block.

My 184th blog[mfn]June, 2017[/mfn]was about writer’s block.

In that blog I concluded that I have a finisher’s block. Well, since then, I’ve only partly overcome my FB. There are several started books [mfn]some closer to finish than others[/mfn]in my files, however, three of my books have been self-published since I did blog 184.

Also, I have several [mfn]I don’t want to admit a finite number here.[/mfn] books I’ve started and/or haven’t opened to start reading.

Let it be known to all that blogs not appearing on Octogenarian Writer for a while is part of an effort to cure my Reading Block Syndrome.

However, if my reading gives me an idea for content or presentation of content in one of my unfinished works, I’ll put some time into helping cure my FB.