On This Day

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On this day in 1961 I was assigned to Army Security Agency headquarters at Arlington Hall Station for training at the Pentagon.

Except for ‘on mission’ ASA personnel, we were released if we wanted to attend the inauguration festivities, but there was no way of verifying if we went or just stayed home.

Shirley and four days over a year old Jon stayed home at our Arlington apartment with a view of Arlington National Cemetery. I trudged through the snow in to a nearby bus stop rode into D.C. where I listened to JFK’s speech and stood along the parade route.

A moving barricade of D.C. police, military, and other security personnel kept people from rushing to the popular young man walking the route with his wife; yet I and thousands of others were within 20 feet of the new president.

The man in the picture was drunk and loudly protesting JFK. I don’t remember what he was saying other than many profanities were shouted.

Eight years and multiple life events later, I was out of the Army and we were living in Manassas, VA. Shirley and Sarita stayed home, and I took Jon and Duane out of school so we could view the Nixon Inauguration. We didn’t make it to the speech, but stood along Pennsylvania Avenue for the parade; as far as I know, Nixon never exited his limo until he got to the presidential viewing platform.