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This is the first of my former entries to the Bulwer-Lytton Contest

However, as you know I am random, so another post may interrupt the series.

I’m Maria Conception Aquino and being an omniscient [mfn]All-knowing in literature voice only.[/mfn] observer, in-the-right place, at-the right-time, I put forth this biography of Hacker Lee Goor including but not limited to the lives of Brandon Taylor Grame and Adam William Brax for your most earnest consideration, so believe me – facts I don’t know personally or for which I have no written or recorded oral testimony are not guessed or supposed in this document; however, some conversations based on verifiable evidence are put into my words and phrases to further the story, but if you were there and know differently, please forgive my assumptions, and if you were not a witness, it matters not to me because just like many things we did not observe, they reasonably could have been.