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This is the second of my four former entries to the Bulwer-Lytton Contest.

However, as you know I am random, so another post may interrupt the series.[mfn]At this time, I have no contractual obligation to post anything anytime.[/mfn]

Army veteran Clayton Manning dabbles in fiction hoping to hit the market as a modern Raymond Chandler adding to his Philip Marlowe series or Mickey Spillane doing another Mike Hammer book but never gets a word published and not having a Kate Becket like Richard Castle did, he decides to take his teacher’s advice, “Write what you know,” and opens his own PI agency above a deteriorating secondhand music store in a small Texas town near Dallas, but in solving his first case he uncovers a deeply covert national security issue he cannot and will not dare to expose to his prospective reading audience even as fiction or innuendo.