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This is the fourth and last of my former entries to the Bulwer-Lytton Contest.

Having repeated myself over and over again, I do therefore declare again: I am often random, so another post may interrupt the series.

Cranston Paul Ryley lived by the philosophy that in the end, every person must account for him, herself, or they in that all motivation for actual actions related to accountability is irrelevant to the concept that any of the species humankind is the objective of non-prejudicial termination [mfn]Pick, Apt, and Fitting, 1980[/mfn] such that verifiable positive determination of any and/or all fiscal debt one should reimburse, deserves to recompense, or is able to remunerate will not be made until the fully integrated priority program necessitates that urgent consideration be applied to the issue of intended and unintended behavior as demonstrated by a supervised and un-perjured application of the thesis in question as cited by the previously referenced authors whose work may or may not be found by scholarly research at privately funded institutions, so his novel title protagonist Bogus would live by the same set of rubrics.

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