Sins of a Writer

Today's Post
Here I go again!

I always thought diagraming sentences was a waste of time at nearly the same level as putting one or two sentence notes on one side of a 3×5 note card.

Any of you who are nearly immediately assuming I don’t have a degree in English are right.

Recognition of good grammar and word usage skills, however, is extremely important in e-comm or other communication.

For example: “The Niece of which I am the kind and most loving Uncle is suffering incarnation in a remote village place in the Country of her own can be subject to release when I am providing her with Amazon or Apple cards in values noted to be 100 dollar or most higher. Send the cereal number and values in the correspondence linkage of which I have made available to you herein so her removal from the sadness of condition can be expedited.”

Knowing your own language will probably prevent your responding.

Back to the diagraming and note cards.

Well, just the note cards. I had an empty hour in my high school teaching schedule, so the principal assigned a freshman English class. After the first writing assignment I gave, the department chair found out that I had not assigned note cards to be handed in with the research paper. She told me department policy was to have note cards for all research.

I told her that I never used them and thought they were a waste of time. She emphatically let me know it was done so students would know a process for success. I’ll admit to my ‘smart’ remark, “Do you use them when you want to be published?”

She told me she had never written for publication to which I said, “I’ve had four articles published in professional journals and didn’t use note cards.”

The conversation ended and I didn’t tell her how I felt about diagraming sentences for those who would not be English majors.

After seven published books, without using notecards and diagraming, can I expect to spend my future in writers’ place of eternal torment?

Should I also confess to ending in proposition(s)?