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When was the last time you heard church bells on Sunday morning?

CBS’s “Sunday Morning” did an Easter morning piece on a bell maker. It provoked the question in my mind. When was the last time I heard bells on Sunday morning?

I cannot remember! None of the churches we’ve attended since living in the west had bell towers, or steeples for that matter.

That’s not to say other churches didn’t, but I still don’t remember hearing church bells on Sunday mornings where we’ve lived since the 1960s.

But do we need them as a call to worship? Answer for yourself as I have.

He is risen!

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One thought on “Bells

  1. My church has a bell in a steeple that rings on Sundays.
    There is another church that has a bell in the area, but I don’t know which one, I hear it occasionly in the afternoons.


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