Random Again

Today's Post
I’ve had a considerable number of random thoughts lately.

Well, random is as random does.

This is not my original thought, but I like it.

“I don’t need any more philosophy I just need another cup of coffee!”

A person running for office said he had been raised in poverty. I looked it up. I found: “Poverty is an unincorporated community located in McLean County, Kentucky, United States. Poverty was named by William Short, a local physician who strongly disliked his snobbish neighbors.”

OK! OK! I know the person means raised in the state[mfn]I don’t mean Kentucky in this case.[/mfn] of being extremely poor[mfn]There is a place called Poor, TN 38052, but the ZIP is for Middleton[/mfn]. I have a very good understanding of the meaning.

I still do not, DO NOT, understand the meaning of a phrase often used by newscasters. “The victim was killed after the crash.” Shouldn’t it be said that the victim was killed in the crash. What does killed mean? If it was after the crash, who did the foul deed? Did the victim survive the crash and debris from the crash fall on the victim?

Then there is the statement, “The driver survived the crash, but they died later.” Isn’t ‘they’ used to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified? OK! OK! I know about the gender neutrality thing. But how about accuracy in reporting?

“Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream, …”

Why does one have to row down a stream?