Blame the weather

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Based on personal opinion and observations, fewer and fewer outside things to be done have been accomplished on my covert schedule.

What you see here is how garden prep looked most years, but not this year.

Nearly every school spring break, usually the first week of April, I’ve started the garden. Rototilling comes first, then raking, then careful alignment of the rows before planting.

Blame the weather: there were some dry seasonably warm days in February and March, so I rototilled, but didn’t rake. Then it got too wet to rake out the grass root clods, but the Walla Walla Sweet starts showed up in the store. They are in high demand, so I bought them, let them set a few days, raked a space, and planted them.

Then there was the late heavy snow, but for whatever reason the onions survived. Continuous rain followed making the garden a water reservoir. But does anyone think weeds and grass clods will die off under that condition. And the smell of growing onions does not cause weeds to wilt either.

I usually grow corn and have learned to germinate and sprout the plants under cover to keep the crows from flipping them out of the starter pots or ground. It has been too wet and too cold to sprout corn outside, and for whatever reason none of the plants sprouted by the window in the garage.

Now it’s the last Thor’s Day in May and the only things in the garden are some potatoes coming up from a granddaughter’s composted peelings, the annual rhubarb, the survivor onions, and a forest of weeds. Too wet and cold to rototill a second time also makes it too wet to do other de-winterizing.

Now and then, when weeding, or trimming, or just looking at what I perceive to be done, I think of something I read or heard.

Allegedly, Mickey Spillane was on his porch drinking a beer and watching his neighbor cut his grass. The neighbor, again allegedly, said something about Spillane’s grass getting too tall. So, Spillane allegedly said, “Next winter both lawns will be covered with snow, I will have had a beer and you will have worked too hard for no lasting difference.”

OK, nothing to do with garden, but I like the story and the point of it.

Being in the middle of octogenarianism, this year I’m playing the 85 card as an excuse and attempt eradicate to my self-diagnosed borderline[mfn]Outside observers might have covertly said it is/was more than borderline.[/mfn] anal-retentiveness with my garden.



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  1. Well
    If I were closer
    I’d sit on the porch and have a root beer with you.

    I got some rhubarb from the village this week. 🙂


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