Memorial Day

Today's Post

On this 31st day of May, 2022, we remember and honor those who died in active military service.

Only one of my relatives, that I know of died while serving. Uncle Arne Gerhard Benson died at Ft. Lewis, WA, in 1943 while serving with the US Army.

There may have been others, but Walter Trisko was the only high school classmate I remember dying while serving Vietnam.

Uncle Clarence Olson, in the Army, survived the the battle of Argon Forest in WWI, and Uncle Kermit Larson survived navy battles in the South Pacific during WWII.

Brother Arne was on the carrier Ticonderoga in Vietnam waters. Brother David was also in the Navy. My brothers Lowell and Ronald, brother-in-law Jim, and I served in the Army, but were never in combat zones.

I’m not sure if other cousins served, but Ron and Gary Benson were in the Army and Roger Benson was in the Coast Guard.

So, many went, many came back, but none were the same. This is for all who went to serve and didn’t survive. Any one of us who served could have been one of them, and any family could be related.

Remember and honor those who died, but be aware that for many survivors absence from war is not the same as peace of the soul.