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Today's Post
Today, I read “Press Talk” a monthly column by Lou Brancaccio in Vancouver Washington’s The Coulmbian.

Lou, the retired editor has transplanted himself into Florida, but keeps his ties to Vancouver. Reading the monthly column by the retired local editor nearly always reminds me of columnists of the past. I like his perspective – well, most of the time.

Some time ago, he mentioned Mike Royko in a column.[mfn]I believe Lou had a connection with Chicago where Royko worked.[/mfn] I often wondered how Royko could attack nearly every controversial issue of Chicago life with impunity and seem to get away with it.

I miss Royko’s column and the short writings of William Raspberry, and William F. Buckley Jr. I did not always share their opinion(s) but their presentation(s) of tough issues are worth modeling.

I believe Lou Brancaccio is worthy of the same modeling for his writing about local issues.

Quite often, I think about issue commenting.

But octogenarianism has waned my gumption to do in-depth research of valid sources to vehemently defend an opinion. And being an octogenarian, I’ve learned that I don’t have the verbal[mfn]written or oral[/mfn] power to change someone else’s opinion.

As most know, however, an opinion needs not to be based on fact. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be. So, being in my 80s, I’ve become very mindful about passing on the opinions of others unless I know the facts.

So, if you believe your neighbor’s grass is too long or short, there is probably enough research to make that belief convincing to you, but not necessarily to the neighbor.[mfn]RE: Mickey Spillane’s alleged comment about grass cutting in my post “Blame the Weather” on May 30.[/mfn]

I’ve read much research that can lead to an opinion which can be repudiated by much research.