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Some of this was posted nearly six years ago on or about November 28, 2016, when I started using WordPress.

End of an Era
My www. tincupnomore .com site is no more!

Twenty years ago[mfn]1996[/mfn], last summer, I took a document writing job with a company doing international business. My writing supervisor was asked (told?) to develop a company web site. He gave me the assignment. I told him I had no idea how to even get started, and suggested we hire or contract someone who could. He passed my suggestion up the chain. Someone at or near the top hinted that any new hire might be a replacement.

My supervisor and I went to a weekend HTML class at our own expense. At the end of the two-day session, we had a simple page with company name, logo, phone number and address. Our concept was accepted but a budget controller decided any monetary gain wouldn’t offset the purchase and hosting of a domain.

So, I would be practiced when the next request came, I started tincupnomore .com. And the request did come. I used my practice site as a template for the company site.

My personal URL continued through several host merges and served me well. I used it as a template for a church site, posted class assignments for students, and promoted my writing projects. I’ve never had a host for my domains tincupnomore .net, .org, .us, .info, or .biz, but along with the .com, I’ll keep ownership of them for another year or so.”

Irecall the URL cost me about $1.50 and the unposted domains cost about the same each. Hosting, as I remember was about $50 a year.

So, why do I say, “Caramba?”
Just for fun, I did a search for my former domain name. It is advertised for $2,595 from However, I am not associated with the company. I’ve linked it so you don’t have to search for verification of my words.


Perhaps I should have held on to the domains.